Bruins United 2015


About Us

Bruins United formed in 2004 when only 50 student groups could apply for funding from USAC.   Religious, pre-professional, and Greek groups could not apply for funding.  Bruin Democrats and Bruin Republicans wanted to file a petition/lawsuit against the University. Bruins United advocated for and successfully achieved passage of equal funding for all student groups. The belief in equal opportunity for all students was and will always be at the heart of Bruins United.  This election season Bruins United is standing up for all students in support of fiscal responsibility, leadership, and equal access.  With a collective 17 years of USAC experience, Bruins United is the most qualified slate to make these goals a reality.

Be you! Bruins United believes that the strength of our student body lies in the diversity of our identities, backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. We seek to not only celebrate that diversity, but also strengthen it by representing all students equally and providing fair and open access to resources and opportunities that will ultimately allow you to…well, be you!

Bruins United believes that the Undergraduate Students Association was created to act as the voice for the students of the university by establishing consistent contact with administration about the issues that students care about. Our goal is to use student government as a tool to involve each and every student in the operation and guidance of UCLA. As your advocate in getting the university to work for you (and not the other way around), we negotiate with the administration to update policy and implement new ideas in order to reflect the needs of an ever-changing student body. We work to serve all students. Your agenda is our agenda.

This is your campus. This is your community. We all must work together to make this campus a better place. We are all Bruins United.





Heather Rosen


What’s up Bruins?

My name is Heather Rosen, and I am running to be your next USAC President with the Bruins United, the slate that has been creating tangible change for the past 11 years! Over this past term, I have served as your elected Financial Supports Commissioner where I institutionalized the Parking-Transportation Scholarship, brought discounts to campus to cut day-to-day costs, expanded the iClicker Loan Library, created the Lab Coat Loan Library, and have done so much more to address areas of financial concern.

My work on Council is not over. Affordability is still an issue, and that is why I want to be your next USAC President. I want to make sure USAC is staying relevant to the undergraduates while continuing to effectively improve our wonderful campus.

Heather Hourdequin

Internal Vice President

Hey Bruins! My name is Heather Hourdequin and I am your Bruins United candidate for Internal Vice President. Over the past three years, I have fallen in love with UCLA thanks to our incredible, passionate student body. I am constantly inspired by my fellow Bruins. I have had the great pleasure of serving as your Internal Vice President this past year and I look forward to continuing to serve the UCLA community. My office will emphasize safety and self empowerment, raise funds for student group programming, and will reclaim OUR student union. My love for UCLA, my involvement in several student groups, and my role as your current Internal Vice President make me the best candidate to represent YOU.


Zach Helder


Hello Bruins! I’m Zach Helder, and I am running to be your next External Vice President.

I believe this office primarily exists to safeguard the student experience against politics - the politics of California, the University, and even USAC itself. In spite of the accomplishments of the office over the last decade, the events of this year -- notably, tuition hikes and heightened student alienation from USAC -- have proven a need to form a new office, with new leadership and vision. With years of unprecedented outside experience, I can bring lasting change to the EVP office - I will make it more inclusive and informative, I will rebuild relationships with powerful officials who can help us, and empower individuals to affect issues that matter to them. More generally, the work of my EVP office will make every effort to distance itself from the politics of USAC and emphasize the unheard needs and passions of students.

Trent Kajikawa

Academic affairs Commissioner

What’s up Bruins? My name is Trent Kajikawa, and I am stoked to be running with Bruins United to be your next Academic Affairs Commissioner!

As this year’s AAC Chief of Staff, I’ve led the office to continued growth and success such as the passing of the Diversity Requirement. Due to my previous three years in the commission, I am proud to maintain the tradition of previous commissions by implementing practical, feasible platforms. My unmatched, in-house experience has prepared me to take this office to new heights and further develop relationships with faculty, administrators, and student organizations.


Ian Cocroft


I’m Ian Cocroft, and I cannot wait to be YOUR next Bruins United Facilities Commissioner! Over the last three years I’ve seen the best UCLA has to offer, from amazing traditions like Spring Sing to world-class professors and engaging classes.

My love for UCLA, however, isn’t blind, and I’ve worked hard to make this campus a better place. I’ve seen talented students rehearsing in parking garages, unable to find available space on campus. I have watched as wasted water pours down our sidewalks, and our trash bins full with recyclables. After long nights of studying or socializing, I find myself looking over my shoulder on the walk home to my apartment. I’m running to change all that and more!

As someone with unparalleled USAC experience and devotion to this amazing university, I cannot wait to make UCLA safer, more sustainable, and more accessible for ALL students.

Ruhi Patil

Financial Supports Commissioner

Hi, Bruins! I am Ruhi Patil and I am running with Bruins United to be your next Financial Supports Commissioner!

As FSC’s current Director of Student Services, I successfully implemented several initiatives that effectively lowered day-to-day costs of UCLA students such a Lab Coat Loaner Library and a Parking & Transportation Scholarship. As your next FSC, I will work to make UCLA more affordable for students and institute platforms guaranteed to improve your college experience.

Next year, I will bring more Career resources to the Hill to give students a head start on their post-graduate careers. I will increase UCLA’s financial literacy by creating and institutionalizing a course on how to manage your finances efficiently. Finally, I hope to expand on the work of previous Bruins United Financial Supports Commissioners and provide you with more opportunities to rent calculators, iPads and more.


Aditi Agrawal


My name is Aditi Agrawal and I am incredibly excited to be running with Bruins United to be your next General Representative! My first home- Mumbai, India is a colorful, bustling, exciting city that always inspired me. Coming halfway across the world, I wondered if I would ever find a community that I shared that same connection with. But from my very first trek up the Rieber Stairs during Freshman Orientation, I knew I had come home. UCLA has challenged me, nurtured my talents, celebrated my individuality and irrefutably defined me. The most important thing I have learnt here is to push boundaries- both my own and those of my community, and as your next General Representative I aim to do just that. I want to create a dynamic office that pushes student innovation and puts UCLA on the map globally as a champion for education and leadership. 

Danny Siegel

General Representative

Hey Bruins, my name is Danny Siegel and I’m stoked to be running with Bruins United to be your next General Representative! Having worked in the Internal Vice President’s Office since the beginning of my freshman year, as well as a leader in student groups, Greek life, and the Jewish community, I am confident that my diverse background and particular knowledge puts me in a strong position to enhance your experience at UCLA in a tangible and meaningful way. Next year, I will ensure that my office and USAC more broadly speaking will focus on accountability of your student fees and programs that matter to you. It’s time to put the “U” back in USAC!


Matt Hezlep


Matt Hezlep here, and this year I have the privilege of running with Bruins United to be YOUR next General Representative. During my time at UCLA, I have gained invaluable leadership experience through my involvements in different organizations, such as Camp Kesem, Sigma Chi Fraternity and Coaching Corps at UCLA. These experiences give me a fresh perspective on our student government. As your next general representative, I will foster positive change on our campus by reinvigorating classic UCLA traditions!

Ariel Rafalian

Transfer Student Representative

Hey Bruins! My name is Ariel Rafalian, and I am more than excited to be YOUR next Transfer Student Representative with Bruins United. Upon transferring, I immediately immersed myself within UCLA as a leader giving back to our campus. I can confidently promise you that my diverse experience and unique knowledge, stemming from both within and outside of USAC, makes me the MOST QUALIFIED candidate. I have short term AND long term goals to utilize the wealth of unique experiences that we transfers bring to campus.